Roldan Research Group

Alberto Roldan Research Group

Dr Roldan's research at the School of Chemistry is Cardiff University is aimed at understanding the dynamism of surface processes that underlie phenomena such as catalysis and corrosion. His group employs a range of computational tools to simulate physical and chemical properties of heterogeneous catalysts regarding the experimental synthetic and working conditions. The use of micro-kinetic models allows them to approach specific conditions including catalyst composition and morphology as well as optimum conditions of temperature and species concentration to improve catalyst performance avoiding sintering effects.

Themes & Topics

The main interest for his research is the optimization of catalytic processes on heterogeneous systems, extended surfaces and nanostructures. Particularly we are interested in:

  1. Capture and utilization of CO2
  2. H2-carriers decomposition on metallic systems
  3. Renewable and clean energy: Fuel Cells, Biomass Conversion
  4. Materials design on-demand at the atomic level
  5. Stability of nanostructures: Ostwald ripening, sintering and oxidation

In the quest to gain the understanding of these aspects, we evaluate the balance between kinetics and thermodynamics relying on computational technologies to simulate the reactor conditions. These have demonstrably led to reductions in development costs, shorter time-to-market, and the design and development of more efficient materials.