Dr Alberto Roldan Martinez


I finished a four years degree (BSc) in Chemistry with a physical-chemistry speciality at the University of Barcelona in 2006. There, I also carried out an Experimental Masters (MSc) where I sought to explore the effect of synthesized magnetite nano-particles deposited together with electrochemical copper films. In 2010 the physical-chemistry department at the University Rovira i Virgili awarded me with a PhD in Computational Chemistry which received the recognition of the Best Thesis in Computational Chemistry in 2011. In October 2010, I moved to University College London as the computational lead in EPSRC-funded programmes investigating carbon dioxide reduction catalysed by iron sulfides and oxide surfaces in direct collaboration with experimental groups. This successful research activity was recognised in 2012 when I was awarded the Ramsay Memorial Fellowship Trust, allowing me to develop further in the field of materials and catalytic chemistry.

Currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Chemistry at Cardiff University, I was first appointed a University Research Fellow (URF) in 2015 to investigate supported nanostructures’ surface dynamic and durability and their application in catalysis related to energy and environmentally friendly processes. I am also part of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute and the Materials Chemistry Consortium and actively collaborate with the Water Research Institute at Cardiff , the UK Catalysis Hub, and the National Interdisciplinary Institute for Circular Chemical Economy (NIC3E).